University Health Service

physical therapy

Location: Suite 2150, second floor - see also Location, Parking and Transportation

Telephone: (734) 764-8349

Fax: (734) 763-1034

Hours May-Aug: Same as UHS building hours, but closed for lunch noon-1PM


Physical therapists help patients to:

  • Improve mobility and motion
  • Regain function, strength and endurance
  • Relieve pain
  • Learn what to do so that healing continues after treatment

We provide state-of-the-art services including:

  • Evaluation, treatment and help with self-management for:
    • Musculoskeletal injuries such as strains, sprains, muscle or joint pain (e.g.. back, neck, head, shoulder, wrist, knee, foot, ankle, jaw, hand, elbow)
    • Sports injuries
    • After surgery
    • Disabilities
  • Foot orthotics: We measure and cast for custom orthotics, plus sell over-the-counter orthotics
  • Student Runners Clinic

An order is required:

Physical Therapy is available only with a signed order (electronic or hard-copy) from a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dentist or podiatrist.  

How to schedule:

After you get an order, call (734) 764-8349 to schedule your first appointment.  Calling is the most efficient way, and it allows us to determine if you need to bring other documentation to complete the scheduling process. 

If you choose to schedule your first visit in person, you will need to:

  • Bring your order if it's from a non-U-M physician. You may wish to call your doctor's office to request this information and have them fax it to 734-763-1034
  • Register in UHS main lobby if you are new to UHS
  • If your order is for post-surgical physical therapy, bring a copy of the complete description of the surgery (surgical report), physical therapy protocol and any post-surgical physical therapy notes

After your first appointment, the therapist will recommend and discuss with you the number and frequency of visits, then you can schedule with the secretary.

Who can use Physical Therapy:

  • Currently enrolled U-M students (that is, students who are currently taking regular classes on the Ann Arbor campus) can use Physical Therapy with an order (see above).
  • Non-enrolled U-M students (within one year of last enrollment) can use Physical Therapy by purchasing the UHS Prepaid Plan and an order (see above).


All Physical Therapy patients (currently enrolled students and UHS Prepaid Plan members) will pay fees at time of service:

  • $20 for each return visit
  • $20 for each re-evaluation visit
  • Fees for equipment such as braces, splints, orthotics and supports, if needed

Are crutches available at UHS?

Yes, crutches and canes can be purchased at UHS. You must first see a clinician to be assessed for your need and to receive an order. Clinic staff will then provide the crutches or cane along with instructions on proper use. 

Are wheelchairs available at UHS?

Our wheelchairs are available for use only at UHS. We do not lend or rent wheelchairs. For rental, contact Hometown Pharmacy, 734-747-8080, 2355 East Stadium Blvd #1, Ann Arbor. 

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