University Health Service

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UHS offers a variety of helpful mental health services. UHS primary care providers evaluate mental health concerns from a medical perspective, which may identify underlying causes and treatment opportunities. Specialists for sleep, psychiatry, and eating disorders provide consultation, diagnosis and treatment. Clinical Social Workers support patients with case management and referrals. Wolverine Wellness offers Wellness Coaching and Collegiate Recovery Program. Read more below.


UHS primary care clinicians:

We recommend that patients make an appointment with a UHS clinician and continue to see that person. Seeing the same clinician allows patients to develop a relationship and helps ensure quality care.

Clinical Social Workers​ provide:

  • Screenings for depression
  • Screening for alcohol use disorder
  • Case management
  • Referral
  • Support

The Addiction Medicine Clinic at UHS offers help with substance use and other behavioral concerns.

In addition to clinical services for mental health, Wolverine Wellness provides the following non-clinical services:

Eligibility and fees

Currently enrolled U-M students (Ann Arbor campus) pay a mandatory health service fee (included as part of tuition) that funds clinical services at UHS and well-being services to improve campus health and wellness. 

Students between terms may wish to considering purchasing the UHS Prepaid Plan for continued access to UHS. 

Others may be eligible to use UHS and would pay fee-for-service or use billable insurance. UHS is a primary care site for Premier Care Network 1 and GradCare. For others' eligibility, see Who Can Use UHS?

How to visit

See Schedule an Appointment -- Most medical services require an appointment, although we offer options for urgent problems. 

You may also call for Nurse Advice, day or night, which may save you a trip to UHS, the ER or an urgent care facility. 

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, see Emergency/After-Hours.

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