Leadership of UHS

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University Health Service (UHS) is a unit within Student Life, which is in the portfolio of the Associate Vice President for Health and Wellness. 

UHS is led by its executive director and a five-member administrative committee, which represent the major focus areas for supporting student health and well-being.

Members of the administrative committee (AdCom) serve as the administrative governing body and report to the executive director of UHS. Their roles include:

  • Advising the executive director in matters of policy and budget
  • Reviewing, evaluating, and establishing administrative policies
  • Engaging in long- and short-term planning
  • Responding to input and feedback from UHS patients, staff, and the university community

To reach Dr. Ernst or a member of AdCom, please contact Cynthia Jones at (734) 764-0550 or by email

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Related Staff

Robert D. Ernst, MD

Robert D. Ernst, MD
Chief Health Officer, Associate Vice President for Health and Wellness in Student Life, Executive Director of University Health Service