Health Insurance Plans for Students


U-M students may be eligible for the following plans

U-M Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan
Available to current U-M students and their dependents. 

U-M International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan
Certain international students are eligible for and required to enroll in this plan unless they have health insurance that meets the University's minimum requirements.

Exclusively for Graduate Student Instructors, Graduate Student Staff Assistants, Graduate Student Research Assistants, benefit-eligible fellowship holders, and medical school students. More information can be found on the U-M Benefits Office website.

Tuition Refund Insurance
Tuition Refund Insurance for Ann Arbor students.

Uninsured? Get Help to Find Health Insurance Now
Students who do not have health insurance may be eligible for Michigan Medicaid.

Travel Abroad Health Insurance
Current students, faculty, and staff from all U-M campuses who travel abroad for University-related purposes must have U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance. It is also available for personal/leisure travel.

UHS Prepaid Plan
Not an insurance policy but a prepaid plan for access to UHS services.

For more information

Contact the Managed Care / Student Insurance Office, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.