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Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (DSHIP) 2023-24

Open enrollment has been extended to October 31, 2023.

If you need health insurance, please consider this plan, which was developed with students' needs in mind.

To save money on health care, currently enrolled U-M students on the Ann Arbor campus should visit UHS first.

2023-24 Tuition Insurance

Tuition insurance for U-M Ann Arbor students

This insurance plan significantly extends and enhances the university's published withdrawal policy. The plan provides funds that can help to pay back loans, grants, and scholarships for students who must completely withdraw from a term due to a physical or mental health illness or injury. For a very reasonable cost (0.65% of tuition), you can protect your financial investment for the entire academic year. 

Health Insurance 101 Video

As a student, you want to achieve your academic goals. Health insurance can help, but it can be confusing. This video explains how health insurance works, so you can use your insurance and achieve your academic goals.

Costs for Students

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Most currently enrolled students pay nothing for most primary care and specialist visits at UHS. That’s because U-M students who are currently enrolled in regular classes on the Ann Arbor campus pay a health service fee as part of tuition. This fee helps to fund clinical and wellness services at UHS and to create a health-promoting campus culture. 

Concerned about Health Care Costs or Privacy?

For currently enrolled U-M students, UHS will bill insurance for costs that the health service fee does not support.

By law, health care services are confidential, however the policy holder on your insurance (your parent if you're on their insurance) may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company detailing the services you receive at UHS. 

Insurance Billing Changes for U-M Students

U-M students' personal health insurance will be billed for laboratory testing (except STI testing, pregnancy testing and hormonal testing for trans care), radiology x-rays and ultrasounds, and allergy injections.

UHS Prepaid Plan

U-M students between semesters and recent alumni, among others, are eligible to purchase a Prepaid Plan for access to UHS services.


GradCare health insurance is available as a benefit to certain graduate students, and this page provides a brief summary plus links.


Here's how you can pay for any fees at UHS. Please note that payment is expected at the time of service.

Student Health Insurance Committee (SHIC)

This committee represents students on all U-M campuses to provide an affordable yet comprehensive health insurance plan, in collaboration with the Central Student Government.

Why Students Should Have Health Insurance

Students should have health insurance to cover if you are ill or injured, need to withdraw from school for medical or psychological reasons, or experience a health problem while traveling abroad.

Costs for Non-Students

If you are eligible to use UHS (see Who Can Use UHS?) but you are not a currently enrolled U-M student, you would pay fee-for-service or use billable insurance.

What is the Health Service Fee for Students?

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This page explains the health service fee that students pay as part of tuition. It funds numerous services at UHS for student health and wellness and other initiatives that help create a health-promoting culture on campus.