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For medical needs, please call the UHS Call Center at 734-764-8320. Nurse Advice is available by phone, day or night. 

Wolverine Wellness is an integral part of UHS. Our primary purpose is to foster personal & community well-being for U-M students, in college and beyond.  If you have any questions, please send email to or call 734-763-1320.

On this page:

What guides our work

Vision: A campus where all students thrive

Mission: To partner with students to foster personal and community well-being in college and beyond


  • All students deserve equitable access to wellness: Societal, cultural, historical, and environmental factors fundamentally impact health. We are committed to building a culture of well-being that is accessible to all.
  • Everyone’s wellness is connected. Each of us impacts the health of our campus community. We seek to infuse well-being into campus culture, address systemic challenges to well-being, and support positive social norms.
  • Holistic wellness is part of success: We are committed to partnering with students to integrate all aspects of their well-being including: intellectual, occupational, spiritual, environmental, emotional, physical, financial, and social.
  • Every student’s path to well-being is unique: We support students in authoring their own definitions of happy, well, successful, and healthy as they continue to build meaningful and authentic lives.

Areas of focus:

  • Wellness Coaching and Motivational Interviewing
  • Communications
  • Recovery Support 
  • Strategic Leadership for Harm Reduction, Community Well-being and Health Promotion
  • Student Engagement and Academic Partnerships


  • Build Capacity: Mentor, train, and equip students, families, faculty, and staff to support students in developing skills for lifelong well-being.
  • Communicate: Communicate with students and campus stakeholders about personal and community well-being by eliciting students' input, using relevant strategies and acknowledging their autonomy.
  • Evaluate: Engage in strategic needs assessment, apply evidence, and measure program effectiveness to optimize our work. 
  • Partner: Collaborate with campus and community members to maximize collective impact and encourage an inclusive culture of well-being.


Request programs or workshops

Faculty/GSI Request form: Consultations & Presentations in Support of Student Well-being.

Well-being:  We provide information and referrals, provide early intervention, collaborate and consult, and influence policy and advocate for the U-M campus community. Well-being infuses our work.

Wellness Coaching - individual sessions and new Group Wellness Coaching for Graduate Students

Campaigns include Stay in the Blue, Snooze, and I am an Wolverine and...

Wellness course: This academic class helps students gain a foundation and practical experience in well-being. See ALA 240/270 Wellness Course

Community Relations: We welcome your Feedback about UHS and we can help with inquiries related to a school project or from the media. See Community Relations

Free info and resources: If you need materials, please email

Individual services are available by appointment:

Planning a program? In-person programs are not available, however we can help you consider virtual programs. Topics may include wellness, alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, and healthy eating and body image. See Programs on Wellness Topics and also Well-being Toolkit

Want to destress with a furry friend? Hawkeye the Wellness Dog will be at UHS Tuesdays 12 noon - 1pm on the ground floor in the Wolverine Wellness multi-use room, 0210

Want to get involved and gain useful experience? Consider joining one of our student groups or committees. See Get Involved.

In recovery from alcohol and other drug problems, or know someone who is? Connect with the Collegiate Recovery Program.  

Want to talk? Our staff  (below) are available for personal consultations or to help you strategize about Helping a Friend.

Interested in research on student health and wellness? See Research.

    Location, telephone and hours

    Location: Suite 0245 (ground floor), UHS - see also Location, Parking and Transportation

    Email: - see also emails for individual staff below

    Telephone: 734-763-1320 - see also numbers for individual staff below

    Hours are the same as UHS Building Hours.