University Health Service

COVID-19 Testing through UHS

UHS offers convenient testing for COVID-19 for U-M students, established UHS patients, and others who are eligible for our services. 


Quarantine and Isolation

Students, here is all-in-one guidance for what to do, depending on where you live, for:

  • Symptoms of COVID-19
  • A positive test result
  • Close contact with someone with COVID-19
  • Concern about a possible exposure

For Students Living in On-Campus Housing (PDF)

Student looking out the window of Northwood apartment

Past COVID-19 Infection

If you’ve had COVID-19, with or without symptoms, you may have questions.

After COVID-19 infection, will I be immune to it?

People who had COVID-19 may have some immunity against it for up to three months after infection.  Through time, immunity likely wanes.

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Videos on Common Conditions

UHS clinicians offer advice for how you can treat common health conditions and when to seek medical care.