International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan

The International Student / Scholar Health Insurance Plan is provided by Blue Care Network of Michigan (BCN). View the Member Guide, Handbook, and Benefits-at-a-Glance on the  BCN website.

To save money on health care, currently enrolled U-M students on the Ann Arbor campus should visit UHS first.

See Doctor Visits and Hospital Stays (on the International Center website).


University of Michigan F-1 and J-1 students and J-1 visiting scholars whose Forms I-20 or DS-2019 were issued by the U-M (Ann Arbor) and their accompanying F-2 and J-2 dependents are eligible for and required to enroll in this plan unless they have health insurance that meets the university's minimum requirements. U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card holders) are not eligible for this plan.

How this plan works with University Health Service (UHS)

Currently enrolled U-M students: Visit UHS (207 Fletcher Street) first to save money. Most costs at UHS are covered by the health service fee, which you pay as part of tuition. For other costs, UHS will bill this insurance, and you are responsible for payment if the insurance does not cover costs. UHS may also refer you for health care services that are not available at UHS. Services outside UHS are not covered by the health service fee, but your insurance may cover some or all of these costs. Take your insurance card to visits.

Others: UHS will bill this insurance, and you are responsible for payment if insurance does not cover costs. Take your insurance card to visits.


F-1 students and J-1 students and international scholars are automatically enrolled in the plan after they complete their Mandatory Check-in for Students or Mandatory Check-in for Scholars at the International Center. Coverage under the plan begins on the student or scholar’s “program start date” (Form I-20, Item 5 or Form DS-2019, Item 3).

How to obtain your insurance card

There are two ways that you can obtain your insurance card:

  1. Online after you enroll:
    1. You will receive an email that contains your BCN enrollee ID number
    2. Create an account - see How to Register for Your Online Blue Cross Member Account
    3. On your Member Page, go to “Your ID cards” then click “View or order ID cards”
  2. A physical ID card will also be mailed to your address on file - Be sure to update your current address in Wolverine Access following these guidelines

More information

  • The International Center
    • Our health insurance page provides information on the U-M health insurance requirement and the U-M International Student/Scholar Health Insurance (IHI) Plan
    • Contact the Health Insurance Office at 734-647-2303 or [email protected]