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Model of Personal Well-Being

Virtual and in-person coaching now available.

Wellness Coaching is a free, holistic approach that optimizes wellness for student success via a collaborative, non-judgmental, confidential partnership with a coach. Undergraduate and graduate students can:

  • Examine values and motivations
  • Address stressors including COVID concerns
  • Learn and practice skills
  • Set and accomplish goals


How to schedule your first session: Go to our online scheduler. Note that we can only accept your address. Meet one-on-one with a coach at a time based on your mutual availability. Review coach pictures and bios at the bottom of this page.

Common topics include:

  • WC Alcohol and other drugs:  Explore your use and possibly make changes (can be required by OSCR or Court).
  • WC COVID for Community and Personal Safety: Explore risk reduction (required by court or OSCR).
  • WC Eating/Body Image: Discuss ways to improve how you feel about your body (NOTE: if you want nutrition information, please contact the UHS Nutrition Clinic)
  • WC Relationships (intimate, family, friends) and Sexual Health: Discuss platonic and/or intimate relationships and/or improving sexual health.
  • WC Sleep: Discuss behavior patterns that lead to better sleep.
  • Other topics such as adjustment to U-M, academic concerns, relationships, stress management, physical health and more.
  • WC General: Covers other topics not listed above such as adjustment to U-M, academic concerns, relationships, stress management, physical health and more.

How to schedule your first session: Please go to our online scheduler. We can only accept your address.

Questions e.g. how much time to allow, how can I handle privacy, what if I need a different time? See Plan for your first Individual session


Here are our current offerings:

Social Media and Wellness: In 2021 it’s hard to avoid social media. It’s a way to connect with friends and family, take a break from school, and read the news. But do you ever feel as though your social media is affecting your wellness? Come to our new drop-in group: Social Media Wellness. Talk to other students about the joys and pitfalls of social media with topics including: mental health, doom scrolling, body image, and curating your social media. 

  • Who: Open to all students

  • Dates/time: Weekly sessions Wednesday, September 15-October 6th, 2-3 pm (come to any or all sessions)

  • Weekly sessions:
    • 9-15: Social Media and Mental Health: Is it time to take a break?

    • 9-22: Doom Scrolling: What is it, why do we do it, and how can we stop?

    • 9-29: Body image and social media (Influencers, fitness gurus, and tummy teas)

    • 10-6: Curating your social media for YOU! 

  • Coaches: Emily Giovanelli and Sally Cederberg (Wolverine Wellness)

  • No need to schedule, just show up!

Intuitive Eating: This group will help participants build resilience against the loud diet culture messaging and gain a better understanding of the principles of intuitive eating and how to integrate them into their own lives. Throughout the 8 weeks we'll spend together, you’ll learn tactical tools for real everyday life to help you make peace with food, build a better body image, and start taking care of yourself as a WHOLE person: physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually.

  • For any UM student who wants to improve their relationship with food and their body

  • Zoom: you will get a link before sessions begin
  • Dates/time: Weekly sessions Mondays, September 27-November 15, 4:00-5:00 pm (eight weeks, closed group)
  • Coach: Kellie Carbone and Tabatha Hart (Wolverine Wellness)
  • How to join: Go to our online scheduler and complete the intake/screenings, then choose "Intuitive Eating." We can only accept your address.

Who are coaches?

Coaches include trained staff from Wolverine Wellness, professional staff across the university, and graduate students (see coaches below).

Wellness Coaching is not appropriate for:

Therapy e.g. for clinical depression or anxiety, unpacking family history, eating disorders, managing bipolar disorders or other complex mental health issues. You can take a free online screening to help decide if you’d be better served by a therapist. Therapy options include:

Nutrition counseling and meal planning: Students can visit the UHS Registered Dietician Nutritionist. Call 734-764-8320 to schedule an appointment.

What do students say?

Articulating my issues and goals with someone else who isn't living your life is very eye opening. Too often, I get stuck in my own mind and it takes someone from the outside to help put things into perspective. Also, this has helped me create structure and plan my next steps so that I can head in the direction I want to be headed in.

This is a good opportunity to work on myself and try and learn what makes me happy and how I can ensure my mental and physical wellness will be good enough to allow me to make difficult decisions for myself in the future.

I believe that wellness is a more essential part of my everyday life and I know that I can have a more productive and successful experience at U of M if I invest time and energy into strategies that enhance wellness.

Plan for your first individual session:

After scheduling, you will be directed to complete an intake survey. After you complete the survey, you will be able to review the available meetings on the calendar. You may select from sessions that are in person (in an office), a walking appointment or a virtual session on Zoom.

Allow enough time:

  • For general wellness sessions, allow 1 hour for the first session.
  • For alcohol and other drugs, allow 1.5 hours for the first session, and 1 hour for the second session. Sessions typically occur 2-4 weeks apart.

If you need privacy for virtual sessions, consider these options:

  • Request an appointment time when you know you'll have privacy e.g. your roommate or parents will be away. 
  • Schedule to use a room in Wolverine Wellness at UHS by calling 734-764-1320 at least a day before your appointment. 
  • Instead of talking aloud, you could type on the Chat, and the coach would talk aloud. You could use headphones for more privacy. Inform your coach before your appointment if you want to use this option. 

If you don't find a time that meets your needs, email and include your availability and time zone.

Instead of waiting for for your first session--get started!

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