University Health Service


Resources to explore your marijuana use:

  • IMEP (Individual Marijuana Education Program) is a confidential, strength-based discussion offered free to all U-M students who want to explore their marijuana use.
  • e-TOKE (Marijuana e-CHECKUP TO GO) is an online, personalized, brief screening tool that lets you see how your marijuana use, family risk and campus norms affect your life and future. 

Marijuana Laws in the State of Michigan

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety is all of our responsibility. It’s important as a pedestrian to be seen, be aware, and be careful. Below are some tips to help you stay safe when crossing the street:

Two women crossing a street. One looks at her phone the other does not.

2018 Biennial Review

The 2018 Biennial Review Committee comprised of faculty, staff and students met from MayAugust 2018 to conduct the federally required biennial review. Several subcommittees also met during these months, discussing student organization accountability, consistency of enforcement, and alcohol storage on campus. 

I am a Wolverine and...

Whatever it is that makes you vulnerable, imperfect, or insecure, you are not alone. Whatever it is that makes you strong, powerful, or inspiring, you are not alone. It’s all part of (y)our story.

Let’s stop pretending we’re all perfect. Asking for help can be hard, and it’s time to make it easier. Let’s reveal some of the real vulnerabilities that exist here on campus and try and understand how they make us stronger.