University Health Service

Exploring during Winter 2020-21

You might want do some exploring this winter. Getting out can provide novelty and help reduce “cabin fever.” Admittedly, exploration this winter is a bit harder than usual due to COVID, but you can still do it while wearing masks and social distancing. 

Compassionate Conversations

Communicating compassionately with friends and family is a key component of maintaining healthy relationships. Avoiding judgement of others and being an active listener are big steps in creating caring conversations. 

Photo by Dylan Ferreira from Unsplash - Person talking to another person over Zoom

Health Equity

Learn about health equity and how it drives our work.

Wellness Coaching for Relationships and Sexual Health

U-M students can discuss a relationship in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, clarify needs and wants in sex and/or relationships, process an STI diagnosis or sexual challenge, and ask questions, address wellness goals, and receive general sexuality and healthy relationships education.