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Wolverine Wellness Principles:

  • All students deserve equitable access to wellness: Societal, cultural, historical, and environmental factors fundamentally impact health. We are committed to building a culture of well-being that is accessible to all.

FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Not sure where your vaccination record is? Here are helpful tips.

Why is the COVID-19 vaccination record important?

The vaccination record (frequently a card) provides evidence that you’ve been vaccinated. You may be required to show evidence that you’ve been vaccinated, including vaccine lot numbers. For example, U-M waives the mandatory testing requirement for students who provide evidence of being fully vaccinated, and evidence of lot numbers are required. See:

Free Safety Kits for COVID-19

Good news -- Free COVID Safety Kits are still available for students!

Each kit contains two washable masks, a washable bandana, hand sanitizer and a tip sheet.

While supplies last, students can pick up a kit for themselves and a friend at multiple campus locations, including:

  • All Union Campus Information Centers:
    • Michigan League
    • Michigan Union
    • Pierpont Commons
  • University Health Service (UHS), 207 Fletcher Street:

Safety Kit Mask

Connecting during COVID-19

It’s no secret that socializing looks much different now than it did before mid-March of 2020. With COVID-19 precautions, many of us are experiencing isolation, whether physically, emotionally, or both.

Studies have shown that people between ages 16-24 report feeling lonely the most. You may feel lonely despite living with roommates or seeing others on Zoom.

Though the pandemic does present challenges when it comes to staying connected, it's still possible.

Students masked walking socially distanced


Do you have questions about COVID-19? Visit this page for answers. 

Image of mask, gloves and text that reads keep calm and protect your friends

Compassionate Conversations

Communicating compassionately with friends and family is a key component of maintaining healthy relationships. Avoiding judgement of others and being an active listener are big steps in creating caring conversations. 

Photo by Dylan Ferreira from Unsplash - Person talking to another person over Zoom