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Compassionate Conversations

Communicating effectively and compassionately with friends and family is a key component of maintaining healthy relationships. During challenging times, it can be especially difficult to find the right words to provide support. Avoiding judgement of others and being an active listener are big steps in creating caring conversations. 

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Health Equity

Learn about health equity and how it drives our work.

Wellness Coaching for Relationships and Sexual Health

What can I do at Wellness Coaching for Relationships and Sexual Health?

  • Discuss a relationship in a supportive, non-judgmental environment
  • Clarify needs and wants in sex and/or relationships
  • Process an STI diagnosis or sexual challenge
  • Ask questions, address your wellness goals, and receive general sexuality and healthy relationships education

What is Wellness Coaching for Relationships and Sexual Health NOT for?

Safer Sex and COVID-19

Sex with others carries potential benefits and risks, including the risk of COVID-19 infection. Consider your options and learn about making choices that support both personal and community well-being.


Do you have questions about COVID-19? Visit this page for answers. 

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