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Do you have questions about COVID-19? Visit this page for answers. 

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Safer Sex and COVID-19

Sex with others carries potential benefits and risks, including the risk of COVID-19 infection. Consider your options and learn about making choices that support both personal and community well-being.

Flu Vaccination Clinics in Residence Halls, Fall 2020

Students who live in University Housing can now get a flu shot within residence halls!  These clinics are offered 8/31 to 9/26/2020. For U-M students (Ann Arbor campus) there is no out-of-pocket expense. Schedule your appointment now to attend an upcoming clinic. 

Addressing Emotional Needs while You’re Sick

If you are experiencing illness during the COVID-19 outbreak, you may find that you feel worried about your health, your family, and the symptoms you are having. You are not alone. This page addresses some common signs of stress, along with ways to lessen them.

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