Request for Presentations & Workshops on Health and Well-being Topics

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You can:

  • Consult with us or request virtual or in-person opportunities (see process below)
  • Explore the Well-being Toolkit to find a variety of interactive, customizable and adaptable tools that you can use to promote a holistic and inclusive understanding of well-being (for questions or concerns about the Toolkit, please email

To request a consultation or program:

By using our form, you can request an interactive presentation or workshop for your organization, class, or group. We will preference requests from groups that require attendance, or where students are incentivized to attend. If we cannot meet your request, we will provide consultation about alternate tools and resources to meet your needs. 

Plan ahead: The more time you give us, the better we can meet your needs. A minimum of one month lead time is recommended. Requests are reviewed on a weekly basis during regular hours, not including breaks and holidays.

When we receive your request, we will forward it to the most appropriate staff member (or student-staff), who will email you to discuss your request (allow a few days for response). This interaction is key to a successful event.

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