Problem Drinking

Any one of these consequences is reason enough to evaluate your relationship with alcohol:

  • Damaged relationships
  • Poor academic performance
  • Minor-in-Possession (MIP) ticket or other trouble with authorities
  • Fights/conflicts with others
  • Property damage
  • Regretted sex
  • Injuries under the influence
  • Hangovers or not feeling energetic enough for homework the day after drinking
  • Memory loss (blackouts, brownouts, fade outs)
  • Frequent intoxication
  • Heavy consumption
  • Two sets of friends: those you drink with; and those you don't
  • Trading calories for alcohol
  • Increasing tolerance
  • Negative drinking motivations
  • Behavior changes when not drinking
  • Visit to the hospital emergency room for alcohol overdose

If you would like to explore your alcohol or other drug use privately in a non-judgmental environment, please make a Wellness Coaching appointment.  For other drug concerns, contact Marsha Benz at (734) 647-4656. Conversations are relaxed and confidential.

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