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Any one of these consequences is reason enough to evaluate your relationship with alcohol:

  • Damaged relationships
  • Poor academic performance
  • Minor-in-Possession (MIP) ticket or other trouble with authorities
  • Fights/conflicts with others
  • Property damage
  • Regretted sex
  • Injuries under the influence
  • Hangovers or not feeling energetic enough for homework the day after drinking
  • Memory loss (blackouts, brownouts, fade outs)
  • Frequent intoxication
  • Heavy consumption
  • Two sets of friends: those you drink with; and those you don't
  • Trading calories for alcohol
  • Increasing tolerance
  • Negative drinking motivations
  • Behavior changes when not drinking
  • Visit to the hospital emergency room for alcohol overdose

If you would like to explore your alcohol or other drug use privately in a non-judgmental environment, please make an appointment with the BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) or the Individual Marijuana Education Program (IMEP).  For other drug concerns, contact Marsha Benz at (734) 647-4656.  Conversations are relaxed and confidential.

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