Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety is all of our responsibility. It’s important as a pedestrian to be seen, be aware, and be careful. Below are some tips to help you stay safe when crossing the street:


  • Ensure you are visible to drivers
  • Wear bright clothing and reflective materials when walking at night
  • Stay in well-lit and populated areas 
  • Stand clear of obstructions (parked buses, cars, buildings) before crossing to ensure drivers see you


  • Consider your surroundings, and always be sure before you cross
  • Phones down, heads up
  • Avoid wearing headphones
  • Make eye contact with motorists before crossing the street
  • Look both ways before crossing (left, right, left)
  • Be aware of any vehicles turning before and while crossing
  • Be aware of back up lights on cars in parking lots


  • Take measures to protect yourself, and watch where you step
  • Always use sidewalks when available, and if there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic to see what’s coming towards you
  • Don’t walk while intoxicated 
  • Obey traffic signals
  • Cross streets where there are marked crosswalks
  • Avoid cell phone use when crossing the street and walking in congested areas 

For Drivers:

  • At crosswalks, actively search for pedestrians by moving your eyes from sidewalk to sidewalk
  • If you are able, make eye contact with pedestrians
  • Make sure to check for pedestrians before and while turning
  • Ann Arbor Traffic Ordinance: when traffic-control signals are not in place or are not in operation, the driver of a vehicle shall stop before entering a crosswalk and yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian stopped at the curb, curb line, or ramp leading to a crosswalk, and to every pedestrian within a crosswalk

Additional Safety Resources: