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This document outlines a typology of programs and policies for preventing and treating campus-based alcohol-related concerns. It can be used to categorize current efforts and to inform strategic planning of multilevel interventions. Environmental strategies (Alcohol free options, Normative Environment, Alcohol Availability, Marketing and Promotions, Law/Policy Development and Enforcement ) are a key focus area.


Public Policy:

State and federal policy, Ex: MCLL, MIP, Medical Amnesty, DUI, DFSCA, Clery Act, MIP, Medical Amnesty, DUI, DFSCA, Clery Act


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: A2C3

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: Movies/Concerts/Museums/Coffee shops/Restaurants, Bookstores, Parks, Community Service

  • Normative Environment: Neighborhood outreach, A2C3 stakeholder conversations, alumni outreach

  • Alcohol Availability: Compliance checks <21, Fake IDs

  • Marketing and Promotions: A2C3

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: AAPD, 15th District Court, A2C3 Liquor License review recommendations, Medical Amnesty, Law Enforcement Collaborative

Health Protection: Washtenaw County Health Organization - Access Service, Medical Amnesty Law, A2C3 Initiatives

Intervention/Treatment: Assessment/treatment, Sobriety Court, AA meetings, UMHS-UMATS

Recovery Support: Huron Valley Intergroup, Local AA Meetings / recovery coaches


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: AOD Typology Matrix, Safe and Legal, SIB Campaigns, SUENS, Survey Data - Healthy Minds, NCHA

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: UMIX, Service learning, Sporting events, Movies/Lectures, Residential Learning Communities, RecSports / Outdoor Adventure, Athletics Student Engagement

  • Normative Environment: WW-SIB, ONSP-UM Etc, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention, MHealthy, Smoke-Free campus, ONSP/CCI-Welcome to Michigan

  • Alcohol Availability: Trained servers for all licensed faclities, alcohol prohibited from stadium

  • Marketing and Promotions: UM Marketing Standards, Industry watch, Campus Safety Handbook

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: Alcohol SPG, AOD Biennial Policy Review, Statement-OSCR, UM PD, Housing security, Facilities Use Policy

Health Protection: UHS/PULSE/SFR, UM Etc. @ Orientation, Safe and legal campaign, SIB, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention

Intervention/Treatment: CAPS, UHS-WW, UMHS, Motivational Interviewing Training

Recovery Support: UM CRP, CAPS/CRP groups


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: Trainings - Housing, Greeks, Neighborhood Ambassadors, Academic Advisors, OSCR Arbiters, Class persentations, Parent/Family Communication

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: Ginsberg-ASB, Housing events/RHA, Student Org events, CDD-Leadershap, Greek Philanthropy and Service Events, Athletics Student Engagement

  • Normative Environment: DOS/Athletics-fan behavior letters/messaging, High-risk holiday prevention, BTD, Admissions

  • Alcohol Availability: GARP, Greek Life-SEMP

  • Marketing and Promotions: UM Marketing Standards

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: Housing-CLAM, Greek Life-Semp/IFC Bylaws, Athletics, OSCR/SOAR, Consultation-Academic Units

Health Protection: UHS/SIB/SFR,PULSE, UM Etc, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention, Greek Life-Social Responsibility

Intervention/Treatment: Referral to Wellness Coaching/CAPS/FASAP/UMHS-EAP

Recovery Support: SFT, Panel-guest speakers


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: WW, OGL, DOS websites, Community Matters, Wellness Coaching, New Student/Parent Orientation, BTD website, Off-campus Living Guide

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: Service Learning, Student engagement (research, leadership, etc.), Club sports, CCRB and IM sports

  • Normative Environment: Wellness Coaching, e-CHUG, Community Matters, SAPAC outreach, BTD Neighborhood efforts/events

  • Alcohol Availability: Safe and Legal campaign

  • Marketing and Promotions: Develop media literacy education

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: New Student/ Parent Orientation, Community Matters, Student Legal Services, OSCR, Annual Distribution of AOD Policy

Health Protection: PULSE/SFR, Alcohol screening training, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention, Greek Life-SMT/SLT, Medical Amnesty law, Parent/Family Communication

Intervention/Treatment: CAPS, Wellness Coaching, UHS, OSCR, FASAP, UMHS-EAP

Recovery Support: UM CRP, CAPS


A2C3-Ann Arbor Campus Community Coalition

AAPD- Ann Arbor Police Department

AOD-Alcohol and Other Drugs

ASB-Alternative Spring Break

Biennial Review-Federal compliance requirement to review the institution’s alcohol and other drug policy as mandated by the DFSCA

BTD – Beyond the Diag

CAPS-Counseling and Psychological Services

CCI-Center for Campus Involvement

Community Matters-online education requirement -AlcoholEdu/Sexual AssaultEdu

CRP-Collegiate Recovery Program

DFSCA-Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act

DOS – Dean of Students

DUI-Driving Under the Influence

eChug- Online alcohol screening program that provides personalized normative feedback

GARP-The Greek Activities Review Panel, is the judicial body for the Greek Community at Michigan

IMEP-Individual Marijuana Education Program

MLCC- Michigan Liquor Control Commission

MIP-Minor in Possession law

OGL-Office of Greek Life

ONSP-Office of New Student Programs

OSCR-Office of Student Conflict Resolution

RHA-Residence Hall Association

PULSE-Peers Utilizing Leadership Skills for Education - a student-run, UHS-sponsored organization promoting health in residential communities

SEMP- Social Environment Management Policy (Office of Greek Life)

SFR-Students for Recovery

SIB-Stay in the Blue Campaign - harm reduction campaign for those that choose to drink

SLT-Social Liaison Training (for Sorority members)

SMT-Sober Monitor Training (for Fraternity members)

SOAR-Student Organization Advancement and Recognition - developed the Standards of Conduct for Registered Organizations

SPH-Standard Practice Guide (University Policies)

SUENS – Substance Use Education Network for Students – made up of UM staff who provide programs and services on issues related to alcohol and other drugs

UM Etc.- Educational theatre troupe that explores college transition issues for students at Orientation

UMHS-University of Michigan Health System

UMHS-EAP-University of Michigan Health System – Employee Assistance Program

UMHS-UMATS-University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services

UM PD – University of Michigan Police Department

UMIX-University Unions program that hosts late night alcohol free social options for UM students

UHS-University Health Service

WW- Wolverine Wellness (a department within UHS)

A Typology for Campus-Based Alcohol Prevention: Moving toward Environmental Management Strategies. W. DeJong, Ph.D., and L. M. Langford, Sc.D.

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health

Updated 4/13/17 
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