University Health Service

This document outlines a typology of programs and policies for preventing and treating campus-based alcohol-related concerns. It can be used to categorize current efforts and to inform strategic planning of multilevel interventions.


Public Policy:

State and federal policy, Ex: MCLL, MIP, Medical Amnesty, DUI, DFSCA, Clery Act, MIP, Medical Amnesty, DUI, DFSCA, Clery Act


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: A2C3

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: Movies/Concerts/Museums/Coffee shops/Restaurants, Bookstores, Parks, Community Service

  • Normative Environment: Neighborhood outreach, A2C3 stakeholder conversations, alumni outreach

  • Alcohol Availability: Compliance checks <21, Fake IDs

  • Marketing and Promotions: A2C3

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: AAPD, 15th District Court, A2C3 Liquor License review recommendations, Medical Amnesty, Law Enforcement Collaborative

Health Protection: Washtenaw County Health Organization - Access Service, Medical Amnesty Law, A2C3 Initiatives

Intervention/Treatment: Assessment/treatment, Sobriety Court, AA meetings, UMHS-UMATS

Recovery Support: Huron Valley Intergroup, Local AA Meetings / recovery coaches


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: AOD Typology Matrix, Safe and Legal, SIB Campaigns, SUENS, Survey Data - Healthy Minds, NCHA

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: UMIX, Service learning, Sporting events, Movies/Lectures, Residential Learning Communities, RecSports / Outdoor Adventure, Athletics Student Engagement

  • Normative Environment: WW-SIB, ONSP-UM Etc, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention, MHealthy, Smoke-Free campus, ONSP/CCI-Welcome to Michigan

  • Alcohol Availability: Trained servers for all licensed faclities, alcohol prohibited from stadium

  • Marketing and Promotions: UM Marketing Standards, Industry watch, Campus Safety Handbook

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: Alcohol SPG, AOD Biennial Policy Review, Statement-OSCR, UM PD, Housing security, Facilities Use Policy

Health Protection: UHS/PULSE/SFR, UM Etc. @ Orientation, Safe and legal campaign, SIB, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention

Intervention/Treatment: CAPS, UHS-WW, UMHS, Motivational Interviewing Training

Recovery Support: UM CRP, CAPS/CRP groups


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: Trainings - Housing, Greeks, Neighborhood Ambassadors, Academic Advisors, OSCR Arbiters, Class persentations, Parent/Family Communication

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: Ginsberg-ASB, Housing events/RHA, Student Org events, CDD-Leadershap, Greek Philanthropy and Service Events, Athletics Student Engagement

  • Normative Environment: DOS/Athletics-fan behavior letters/messaging, High-risk holiday prevention, BTD, Admissions

  • Alcohol Availability: GARP, Greek Life-SEMP

  • Marketing and Promotions: UM Marketing Standards

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: Housing-CLAM, Greek Life-Semp/IFC Bylaws, Athletics, OSCR/SOAR, Consultation-Academic Units

Health Protection: UHS/SIB/SFR,PULSE, UM Etc, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention, Greek Life-Social Responsibility

Intervention/Treatment: Referral to Wellness Coaching/CAPS/FASAP/UMHS-EAP

Recovery Support: SFT, Panel-guest speakers


Knowledge attitudes, behaviors and intentions: WW, OGL, DOS websites, Community Matters, Wellness Coaching, New Student/Parent Orientation, BTD website, Off-campus Living Guide

Environmental Changes

  • Alcohol Free Options: Service Learning, Student engagement (research, leadership, etc.), Club sports, CCRB and IM sports

  • Normative Environment: Wellness Coaching, e-CHUG, Community Matters, SAPAC outreach, BTD Neighborhood efforts/events

  • Alcohol Availability: Safe and Legal campaign

  • Marketing and Promotions: Develop media literacy education

  • Law/Policy Development and Enforcement: New Student/ Parent Orientation, Community Matters, Student Legal Services, OSCR, Annual Distribution of AOD Policy

Health Protection: PULSE/SFR, Alcohol screening training, Change it Up-Bystander Intervention, Greek Life-SMT/SLT, Medical Amnesty law, Parent/Family Communication

Intervention/Treatment: CAPS, Wellness Coaching, UHS, OSCR, FASAP, UMHS-EAP

Recovery Support: UM CRP, CAPS


A2C3-Ann Arbor Campus Community Coalition

AAPD- Ann Arbor Police Department

AOD-Alcohol and Other Drugs

ASB-Alternative Spring Break

Biennial Review-Federal compliance requirement to review the institution’s alcohol and other drug policy as mandated by the DFSCA

BTD – Beyond the Diag

CAPS-Counseling and Psychological Services

CCI-Center for Campus Involvement

Community Matters-online education requirement -AlcoholEdu/Sexual AssaultEdu

CRP-Collegiate Recovery Program

DFSCA-Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act

DOS – Dean of Students

DUI-Driving Under the Influence

eChug- Online alcohol screening program that provides personalized normative feedback

GARP-The Greek Activities Review Panel, is the judicial body for the Greek Community at Michigan

IMEP-Individual Marijuana Education Program

MLCC- Michigan Liquor Control Commission

MIP-Minor in Possession law

OGL-Office of Greek Life

ONSP-Office of New Student Programs

OSCR-Office of Student Conflict Resolution

RHA-Residence Hall Association

PULSE-Peers Utilizing Leadership Skills for Education - a student-run, UHS-sponsored organization promoting health in residential communities

SEMP- Social Environment Management Policy (Office of Greek Life)

SFR-Students for Recovery

SIB-Stay in the Blue Campaign - harm reduction campaign for those that choose to drink

SLT-Social Liaison Training (for Sorority members)

SMT-Sober Monitor Training (for Fraternity members)

SOAR-Student Organization Advancement and Recognition - developed the Standards of Conduct for Registered Organizations

SPH-Standard Practice Guide (University Policies)

SUENS – Substance Use Education Network for Students – made up of UM staff who provide programs and services on issues related to alcohol and other drugs

UM Etc.- Educational theatre troupe that explores college transition issues for students at Orientation

UMHS-University of Michigan Health System

UMHS-EAP-University of Michigan Health System – Employee Assistance Program

UMHS-UMATS-University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services

UM PD – University of Michigan Police Department

UMIX-University Unions program that hosts late night alcohol free social options for UM students

UHS-University Health Service

WW- Wolverine Wellness (a department within UHS)

A Typology for Campus-Based Alcohol Prevention: Moving toward Environmental Management Strategies. W. DeJong, Ph.D., and L. M. Langford, Sc.D.

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health

Updated 4/13/17 
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