University Health Service

IUD held by person in Michigan shirt

Getting contraception is easier than ever! UHS offers options including video visits and e-consultations.

Please call UHS at 734-764-8320 to schedule in-person services, video visit for contraceptive counseling, for information on the e-consultation for IUD or implant, or for any other questions. 

If you already know you want an IUD or implant, you can do e-consultation:

  1. Read about IUD e-Consult Information (PDF) or Nexplanon e-Consult Information (PDF)
  2. Call to schedule an appointment for insertion of the device

The only contraceptive methods that require an examination are the diaphragm for fitting and the IUD for insertion procedure. 

If you want a pelvic exam during your visit, schedule your appointment for when you are not menstruating or when your menstrual flow is very light.

Your health care provider may recommend a Routine Gynecological Health Exam, STI Assessment and Pap test, and/or contraceptive management during your visit.

The following methods are available by prescription at UHS:

For Intrauterine device (IUD) or Implant, you have several options to learn about the method, after which you may schedule an appointment for insertion: 

For the shot (Depo Provera), oral contraceptive pills (the pill), the patch or the vaginal ring, you have two options to learn about the method and get a prescription:

  • Schedule a video visit (available only for currently enrolled U-M students, and you will need a patient portal account, and you will use your mobile phone or iPad for the video visit) OR
  • Schedule an in-person visit

For a diaphragm, please schedule for in-person consultation.

To schedule an appointment or get more information, call 734-764-8320, or see How to Get Health Care

If you have a prescription from elsewhere

If you want to fill a prescription from elsewhere, the UHS Pharmacy can help. You may have your prescription transferred by calling 734-764-7387. UHS Pharmacy staff will ask you for information about your current prescription. 

To get a non-prescription method:

How to learn about contraception: