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Condoms and other products for safer sex:

Individual bags of pre-assorted condoms and lubricant, or dental dams and lubricant, are available free for students outside Wolverine Wellness on the ground floor of UHS. We thank you for sanitizing your hands and maintaining social distancing when picking up safer sex items.

UHS Pharmacy sells condoms and other safer sex products, as do area pharmacies. Products are also available for purchase online and can be shipped to your home. 

All latex condoms sold in the U.S. (other than "novelty condoms"), including all condoms available at UHS, are medical devices that are regulated by the FDA. All brands of condoms are subject to stringent quality standards, and research shows that they are equally effective in preventing pregnancy and STI/HIV. 

Condom grants for residence hall staff and student organization leaders:

If you are a student leader, you can request condoms for your residence hall or group. You will receive a variety of safer sex items that you can have available for your residents.

To apply, complete this form:

Please contact Wolverine Wellness with any questions.

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