What is UHS?


UHS is a health care clinic and wellness resource located on the central campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

UHS is a highly utilized campus resource, with approximately 80,000 clinical visits per year. UHS is part of Student Life. It is not affiliated with the Michigan Medicine hospitals and clinics.

U-M students, faculty, staff and others affiliated with U-M are eligible to use UHS. See Who Can Use UHS? for eligibility.

Most currently enrolled students on the Ann Arbor campus pay the health service fee as part of tuition, which funds clinical services at UHS, as well as well-being services to improve campus health and wellness.

UHS provides ambulatory care, with no overnight stays. Through our Medical Clinics, UHS can meet most health care needs. We also offer specialized services through our:

Wolverine Wellness supports a university culture that promotes student wellness, public health and social justice.

To visit UHS, see:

Our Clinical Staff are fully licensed, credentialed, and well experienced. They include more than 25 physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses.

UHS is committed to providing quality services, including protecting Confidentiality and other Patient Rights. We invite you to send Feedback about your experience.