U-M students' personal health insurance will be billed for laboratory testing. See more below at Fees and Payment.

Location: Suite 2205, second floor - see also Location, Parking and Transportation

Telephone: 734-764-8305

Looking for test results? By law, the Laboratory cannot release test results. See Testing.

Laboratory hours are the same as UHS Open Hours.
On Saturdays, only tests that were ordered on Saturday will be performed.


The UHS Laboratory processes tests that are ordered by UHS clinicians. Many tests are performed right here at the UHS Laboratory. Tests that can't be peformed here are sent to other laboratories, specifically at Michigan Medicine or Michigan Department of Community Health.

We do not process tests ordered by clinicians outside UHS. If you have a lab order from an outside clinician, you can use MLabs, and you would be responsible for paying any fees incurred. 

How to get test results:

By law, Laboratory staff cannot release test results. See Testing.

Blood draws:

New disposable needles are used, and needles are destroyed after use.

Our recliners can help you relax.

You will feel a small prick when the needle is inserted. It usually hurts less than when you accidentally stick your finger with a pin, because your arm has fewer nerve endings.

If you are nervous, you can tell the lab staff or person who draws your blood.

Fasting test preparation:

Fasting tests require fasting for 10-12 hours before the specimen is taken. Please follow these instructions carefully because food, gum and even black coffee or tea can affect metabolism of some blood constituents, which tests are designed to measure.

On the day of the test, do not eat, drink, chew gum, or engage in strenuous exercise before the test. Water is always permitted; if you drink water, it will not affect test outcomes.

During the 10-12 hours of the fasting period, until after the blood is drawn, no more than four (4) cigarettes are permitted.

Continue to take your medications as prescribed unless otherwise instructed by your clinician.

On the day of the test, please report to UHS Laboratory no earlier than 10 hours after eating or drinking but do not fast longer than 12 hours.

NOTE: Blood specimens are usually taken in the morning because most people are on a day schedule. Fasting from 4 AM, for example, then doing a full complement of the day’s activities before having the specimen collected at 4 PM, could alter the level of glucose or lipids. However, if you are not on a day schedule, (i.e. you work afternoon or midnights), accommodations can be made to your schedule. Please mention your schedule to the receptionist.

If you have insulin-dependent diabetes, follow the instructions given to you by your clinician.

For questions regarding these instructions, please ask the Laboratory staff in person or by calling 734-764-8305.

Fees and payment:

  • There are fees for laboratory testing.
  • UHS and/or Michigan Medicine (U-M hospital) will bill your personal health insurance.
  • If you do NOT want your insurance to be billed, you may make payment arrangements with the UHS Patient Billing Office on the SAME DAY that your tests are ordered / performed. Payment must be made within 30 days.
  • Patients may be responsible for paying insurance deductible, co-payments, co-insurance, or any other costs not covered by insurance.
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