Immunization Records

Do you need a copy of your immunization records from UHS?

Please follow the instructions at Health Records.

Frequently asked questions

Is a tuberculosis (TB) test required? A TB test is not a university requirement, however, academic programs or volunteer activities may have different requirements.

Is a physical exam required? You may want to arrange for a physical exam with your home healthcare provider and update immunizations at that time, but a physical exam is not required by the university. (Athletic teams or clubs may have different requirements.)

Does UHS give immunizations? Are there fees? Immunizations are available at UHS for a fee. See Immunizations.

Do minors need parent /guardian consent for immunizations? Yes, students under 18 years old need written parent/guardian consent to receive immunizations. To give consent, parents/guardians should complete the Parent / Guardian Consent for a Minor to Receive Health Care Services form.

How do I set up my patient portal? After the UHS student health information form is submitted, you will receive an email from Michigan Medicine that includes a unique link and activation code to set up your patient portal (UHS and Michigan Medicine share our electronic health records). Please create your account within 24 hours of receiving this email. 

For more information

For New Students provides key information about health and wellness for new U-M domestic students.

For New International Students provides health and wellness information specifically for international students. 

For Parents offers suggestions for helping students make a healthy transition to college.

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