Contraception Cost, Insurance and Payment

Before you get contraception, you'll need to know cost, how to pay and insurance coverage, if any.

Many insurance plans pay, partially or in full, for contraception. However, you are responsible to contact your insurer to learn about your coverage, and you are responsible to pay for any costs that insurance does not pay. UHS staff can never guarantee insurance coverage.

If you are a currently enrolled U-M student (Ann Arbor campus), your health service fee will cover the cost of clinic visit(s) plus device insertion / removal. You are responsible for cost of any device and medication. See costs below.

If you plan to use insurance, you must call your health insurance company, or your prescription plan, using the number on your card, to ask:

  • Whether and what insurance will pay
  • Whether insurance will pay for costs at UHS
  • What costs you will be responsible to pay

If you want to get an IUD or implant at UHS, you will be asked to sign a waiver stating that you understand you may be asked to personally pay any fees not covered by your insurance. If you cannot or will not sign that waiver, you cannot have an IUD or implant inserted and will need to consider other contraceptive options.

You have multiple options for Payment at UHS, including billing to your student account. 

Your insurance company may need some of the following information in order to best help you, so please refer to it when you call. 

Service Location:
University Health Service 
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Ann Arbor Michigan 48109-1050

Costs without insurance (subject to change without notice): *


Device = $103 (codes for insurance: CPT = A4266, Diagnostic = Z30.018)

Fitting * = $164 (codes for insurance: CPT = 57170, Diagnostic = Z30.018)

Implant (Implanon/Nexplanon):

Device = $1,219 (codes for insurance: CPT = J7307, Diagnostic = Z30.46)

Insertion * = $276 (codes for insurance: CPT = 11981, Diagnostic =Z30.46)

Removal of existing device* = $297 (codes for insurance: CPT = 11982, Diagnostic =Z30.46)

Removal of existing device and insertion of new device* = $484 (codes for insurance: CPT = 11983, Diagnostic =Z97.5)

Intrauterine Device (IUD):


  • Kyleena = $1,321 (insurance codes: CPT = J7296, Diagnostic =Z30.430)
  • Mirena = $1,272 (insurance codes: CPT = J7298, Diagnostic = Z30.430)
  • Paragard = $1,071 (insurance codes: CPT = J7300, Diagnostic =Z30.430)

Insertion (Kyleena, Mirena, Paragard) * = $202 (insurance codes: CPT = 58300, Diagnostic = Z30.430)

Removal of existing device * = $210 (insurance codes: CPT = 58301, Diagnostic = Z30.432)

Removal of existing device and insertion of new device (Kyleena, Mirena or Paragard) * = $649 (insurance codes: CPT = 58300/58301, Diagnostic = Z30.433)


$189 per month at UHS Pharmacy

Pills (oral contraceptives, birth control pills):

$29+ per pack, depending on brand vs generic, at UHS Pharmacy

Some plans cover generic oral contraceptives in full with no cost sharing; brand name oral contraceptives may require patients to share costs

Ring (generic NuvaRing):

$184 at UHS Pharmacy 

Shot (DepoProvera):

Medication = $150 (insurance codes: CPT = J1050, Diagnostic = Z30.42)

Injection * = $39 (insurance codes: CPT = 96372, Diagnostic = Z30.42)