University Health Service

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U-M students with Blue Cross Complete (BCC) Healthy Michigan Medicaid can use their insurance plan at UHS. This will allow students to conveniently use their health insurance on campus.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Michigan BCC have agreed that UHS can participate with BCC specifically for U-M students, their spouses/other qualified adults, and dependents. We are grateful for this unique arrangement that can help meet students’ needs, however, please note that the UHS Pharmacy does not participate, and routine eye care services are not covered at UHS.

BCC is the only Michigan Medicaid plan that UHS can accept because we cannot make arrangements with any other Michigan Medicaid plans. In addition, Medicaid from states other than Michigan will not cover services in the state of Michigan.

Regardless of insurance status, students can use UHS, and currently enrolled students (Ann Arbor campus) have reduced costs because they pay the health service fee. But students have to pay for some UHS services, either out-of-pocket or by insurance.

For other insurance plans that UHS accepts, see How UHS Works with Insurance.

For billing questions, please contact the UHS Patient Billing Office.

For assistance with applying for Michigan Medicaid, contact the UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office.