University Health Service

Hawkeye the wellness dog and student

Take a walk and de-stress with Hawkeye the Wellness Dog!

On Tuesdays we’ll gather near the front of UHS at noon and take a socially distanced walk together to the Diag. Then we'll walk back to UHS, returning by 12:45 PM. 

Walks will be low-key, friendly and COVID-compliant. This can be a way to destress with a furry friend, stretch your legs, and make social connections. 

This outdoor event will be weather-dependent and may be cancelled if temperatures are extremely cold, or if it's too icy or rainy.

Please dress for the weather and layer on your warm clothing because we may be walking in snow and cold Michigan temps! 

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Winter Walk
with Hawkeye

Hawkeye loves people and being petted. He is a registered therapy dog through Therapaws. In addition, he is a working sled dog who also does Agility, Obedience and a few adorable tricks.