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University of Michigan model of well-being

ALA 240: Living Well in College and Beyond

Three sections available in Fall 2021 and two sections available in Winter 2022, including a section specifically for student leaders!

This course is taught in collaboration with Wolverine Wellness, Student Life, and The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

This class explores the 8 dimensions of well-being through a lens of positive psychology, behavior change/motivation, social justice, and intercultural development. We will discuss how these elements intersect with the pandemic and other pressing college public health concerns [such as racism, alcohol and other drugs, loneliness, mental health, etc]. Students will explore the ways that well-being is dynamic and interdependent. The course will look at evidence-based strategies to integrate health and wellness as part of success, build resilience to manage the fluctuations of life, make thoughtful choices that reduce harm and promote well-being, and find meaning and purpose.

Course Objectives: During this course, students will... 

  • Analyze the interrelationships among the eight dimensions of well-being 
  • Identify factors that promote or impede community connectedness, inclusion, and health equity
  • Explore the relationship between one’s identities and values, and individual and community well-being
  • Develop a better understanding of personal strengths and areas for growth
  • Integrate health and wellness as part of success 
  • Build resilience and positive coping skills to manage the fluctuations of life
  • Make thoughtful choices that reduce harm and promote well-being
  • Integrate values, meaning and purpose with well-being
  • Experiment with asking for help and utilizing campus resources. 

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