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Hawkeye the wellness dog and student

Breaking News

  • UPDATE: At this point, Hawkeye has a full schedule and we are no longer accepting requests. Please check back in early August for more updates and news. 
  • Due to COVID-19, we are hosting walks with Hawkeye on Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m. We start at the front steps of UHS and head over to the Diag before we land at our final location. Make sure to follow our Instagram to stay updated on where that mystery location will be!


  • Weekly Visit/Wellness Walks:
    • TBD for the summer!

Weekly Visit info

  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 
  • Location: UHS Building - Central Campus 
  • Description: Hawkeye the Wellness Dog will be available for pets, cuddles and general stress relief. Participants will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering the room with Hawkeye. Please enter through the main entrance, complete ResponsiBLUE, and follow U-M COVID-19 guidelines during your visit.

Appearance Requests

    We know not everyone can make it to the regular visits held during the week. That said, if you are hoping to see Hawkeye and you have a great location on campus, we’ll come to you! 

    Before you fill out the Appearance Request form, please see our guidelines outlined below. If the event you are envisioning already meets the requirements established through these guidelines, complete the form and a member of the TD Team will follow-up with you.


      • Approval Timeline: Please submit your request your at least four (4) weeks prior to your proposed event

      • Duration: Appearances last 60 minutes (1 hour) max

      • Attendance: Must be taken at the event by a member of the requesting party and emailed to the team using the following email address:

      • Arrival Procedure: The primary contact should plan to meet the handler and dog upon arrival to escort them to the event

      • Participation: Limited to 40 individuals (max) at any one time (due to COVID protocols and to ensure a quality visit with the Therapy Dog requested) - 

        • Note: If the event location has an occupancy higher than the cap stated above please add the location (building and room) where the event will be held.

      • Requirement: No other animals at the event - they may be unintentionally viewed as prey

                                                                            Thanks - The WolvWell Therapy Dog Team