University Health Service

SHAC Members 2019-2020

Applications are closed for 2019-20 and will reopen in summer/early fall 2020 for 2020-2021.


UHS Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) provides a student perspective to the Director of UHS, clinicians and other UHS staff, in order to advance the quality of health care and services provided for students, while educating students about UHS.

SHAC members:

  • Provide input to the Director and clinicians on issues concerning student health, such as accessibility, on-call hours, range of services, sensitivity to issues of culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, student fees, quality and general satisfaction.
  • Make suggestions to, and engage in discussion with, clinicians and staff for enhancements to services and new program initiatives based on student input (which may include e-mail, forums, town hall meetings) regarding their wants and needs.
  • Receive input from clinicians and staff regarding how we can best educate students.
  • Discuss and recommend target issues for periodic UHS survey questionnaires to users.
  • Develop programs to educate students about UHS, its services and important health care issues.


SHAC is composed of 12-15 members and strives to be representative of a diverse student population.

  • Any U-M student is eligible to apply for membership. Prospective members should attend a mass informational meeting at the beginning of the academic year to inform them about the purpose of SHAC before they complete an application.
  • Members are selected based on the merits of their application and interest in the group.  Prospective members will be voted upon by SHAC members.
  • To remain on SHAC, members must not have more than two absences per semester; additional absences will be approved by the eboard.
  • Membership is withdrawn by alerting members of the group of the withdrawal, or by failing to meet attendance requirements without a valid explanation (as determined by the eboard).


SHAC is chaired by one or two student members.


SHAC meets monthly on Monday nights during the academic year beginning in September and ending in April. Special meetings may be called at the request of the UHS Director or members of SHAC.


A program review is conducted at the end of fall and winter semesters.

For more information, contact: