Alcohol and Other Drugs - Laws and Policies

The University of Michigan seeks to provide an environment free of the adverse effects of alcohol and other drug abuse.

U-M Alcohol and Other Drug Policy for Students, Faculty and Staff:  Members of the university community can be held accountable for violations of this policy as well as federal, state and local laws and ordinances. The University Policy outlines prevention, education and intervention efforts, and consequences for policy violations.

Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Hosting Off-Campus Parties: Things to Remember for Responsible Hosting

What You Need to Know about Laws, Policies and Ordinances involving Alcohol and Other Drugs briefly describes the laws, policies and ordinances involving alcohol and other drugs.

Medical Amnesty helps ensure that minors at medical risk as a result of alcohol intoxication will receive prompt and appropriate medical attention.

Tobacco-free Campus Initiative

Biennial Review for Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act - All institutions of higher education are required by federal law to conduct a biennial review of campus alcohol and other drug programs and policies.