University Health Service

How to Get Health Care

Please call UHS at 734-764-8320:

  • For non-urgent concerns, so you can schedule an appointment
  • For urgent concerns, to get advice about self-care or visiting, or to request a same-day appointment

See also Hours.

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Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV is a newly identified coronavirus that is causing an outbreak of pneumonia illness. It was first identified in Wuhan, China, and since then has been identified in multiple other countries, including one case in the US. UHS offers recommendations.

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Vaping and e-Cigarette Health Alert

Vaping is a concern because of its growing association with severe lung injury and even death. In addition, the increasing prevalence, especially among young people, is cause for concern.

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Flu and Vaccination

Flu is here, and a flu shot is the best way to stay healthy, plus protect those around you. UHS is out of flu vaccine, but you can check other local pharmacies for availability. 

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