University Health Service

Want to give feedback about UHS services?  

We encourage and value your feedback, which can help us to improve our services. We also share results of our patient satisfaction survey. See Feedback.

Want to connect with students who give input to UHS?

The Student Health Advisory Council provides a student perspective to the Director of UHS, clinicians and other UHS staff, in order to advance the quality of health care and services provided for students, while educating students about UHS.

Want to request an interview, videotaping and/or photos?

Students, if you are making a request for a class-related project, please allow plenty of time so we can best help you. Patient care and confidentiality come first at UHS. To make a request, email or call (734) 763-1320 (Wolverine Wellness and Community Relations). 

Need language interpretation?

We offer free language interpretation by phone for UHS patients. You can request interpretation when scheduling.

Want to invite UHS to your event?

Please contact us to participate by emailing or calling 734-763-1320. If you are seeking a program on a wellness topic, see Requests for Programs on Wellness Topics.

Want to join a student group to improve health/wellness?

We lead and participate in efforts that encourage a healthy environment and address harmful behaviors, and we invite your participation. See: 

Interested in research?

We do research to gain insight into our student body, and we encourage your participation whenever possible. We also publish reports of findings. See Research.

Looking for something else?

Contact Wolverine Wellness and Community Relations by email or call 734-763-1320.