How U-M Students Stay in the Blue

Michigan students report using the following strategies to Stay in the Blue

  • Download and use the Stay in Blue app from iTunes or Google play
  • Count your drinks
  • Set a drink limit using standard drinks
  • Eat immediately before and while drinking, especially foods high in protein and/or fat
  • Measure your own drinks, e.g. by using a 1.5 oz shot glass for liquor, pour a red Solo cup 1/3 for wine (5 oz)  and 3/4 full for beer (12 oz)
  • Use 1/2 shot of liquor in a mixed drink or when drinking shots
  • If you play drinking games, set personal limits (e.g. fill beer pong cups 1/3 full, set a maximum number of standard drinks or game rounds)
  • Dilute alcohol with non-carbonated mixers
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Drink water throughout the event
  • Space out your drinks; if it normally takes 10 minutes to finish a beer, try taking 20 minutes
  • Pace your drinking to a slower drinker with you
  • Drink a look-alike beverage when you want to slow down or not drink at all (e.g. ginger ale, soda water with lime)
  • Go out later or leave earlier from events
  • Choose not to drink on risky occasions
  • Use a buddy system; tell a friend your limit and encourage him/her to help you stick to it
  • Be prepared with reasons to refuse drinks when you’ve had enough or you’re not drinking

Michigan students avoid these to Stay in the Blue:

  • Drinking from open containers (punch bowls, Igloo containers, etc.)
  • Beer bongs or playing other drinking games focused on getting drunk
  • Liquor
  • Mixing alcohol with stimulants (e.g. Ritalin or Red Bull) or depressants (e.g. Valium or Ativan); check with your doctor before drinking while taking any prescription medications, and check package warnings about drinking while taking over-the-counter medications
  • Pre-gaming
  • Driving after drinking
  • Drinking when tired

Tools to help moderate drinking:

Having trouble Staying in the Blue?

Try Wellness Coaching​ to explore your use of alcohol and possibly make changes.

For more information about BAC or Stay in the Blue:

Contact Wolverine Wellness at (734) 763-1320.