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To serve as representatives for the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn communities in providing oversight for an affordable and comprehensive travel abroad health insurance plan.

See Travel Abroad Health Insurance Plan for current plan information.

Insurance Plan Design:

The insurance plan design should:

  • Protect U-M community members against health risks specifically associated with activities abroad
  • Include health coverage abroad for treatment of a range of urgent and emergent conditions that might occur while traveling abroad, including alcohol and substance abuse-related injuries or accidents, mental or emotional disorders, and suicide or suicide attempts.
  • Include medical evacuation that might be needed for either physical or mental health emergencies, and for repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Provide emergency assistance abroad.
  • To the extent possible, pay medical costs directly to the provider rather than reimburse individuals upon receipt of claim.
  • Cover limited treatment in the US only for follow-up care needed as a result of a medical emergency abroad, for those who do not have health insurance in the US.
  • Allow for coverage during the insured's travel to and from the site abroad.
  • Allow coverage extensions for side trips while abroad.
  • Provide political security and natural disaster coverage for U-M students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad.

The insurance plan design should not:

  • Serve as a comprehensive health insurance plan for coverage in the US.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Review, recommend, evaluate, and work with University Procurement soliciting vendors and contracting to provide an adequate travel abroad insurance plan for students, faculty and staff as described in the Travel Abroad Insurance Group Report of May 2007 and that complies with SPG 601.31. 
  • Review the performance of the plan on a yearly basis and make modifications as needed.
  • Obtain input and feedback from clients (students, University community members and health care providers) and incorporate their needs into future contracts when possible.
  • Host a presentation during bid years (approximately every 5 years) allowing students and TAIC members to ask questions and give direct feedback to the Insurance Carrier.
  • Recognize the diverse composition of the University community and remain cognizant of this when negotiating the contact with vendors.
  • Take an active role in supporting future insurance planning for the University community.
  • Oversee the creation and maintenance of the Travel Abroad Insurance and Travel Abroad Insurance Committee webpages.
  • Oversee the communication and/or clarification of information relative to insurance programs/concepts to their constituents for support and feedback.
  • Enhance communication and feedback on the travel abroad health insurance needs of insureds and administrators.
  • Educate a broader base of the University community on the importance and availability of travel abroad health insurance.
  • Create a network of support for travel abroad health insurance and the need for travel abroad health insurance.
  • Support travel program administrators.


Interested students and other current members of the University community are encouraged to participate.

Members must be a enrolled student or an employed faculty/staff member during the current travel health insurance plan policy year. If defined membership criteria are no longer met, membership terminates at the end of the current insurance policy year.

Current members represent the following units/programs:

  • Ann Arbor campus:
    • Center for Global and Intercultural Study
    • Center for Human Growth & Development MHIRT Program
    • Senior Advisor for International Health, Safety and Security, Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education (co-chair)
    • Rackham International Education
    • International Center's Overseas Opportunities Office (co-chair)
    • International Programs in Engineering
    • Office of International Programs
    • Procurement Services
    • School of Art and Design
    • UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance (chair)
  • Dearborn campus:
    • CASL Administration
    • Housing and Student Health Services
  • Flint campus:
    • International Center
    • Flint Office of Study Abroad

The following units play key support roles for the committee:

  • Provosts Office
  • Office of Risk Management
  • University Procurement
  • Office of the General Counsel
  • International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC)
  • Council on Global Engagement

Reporting and Meetings:

  • The committee reports to the Director of University Health Service (UHS).
  • Committee records are available upon request (see contacts below).
  • Meetings are held a minimum of once per year and on an as-needed basis.

For more information:

Contact the UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office: