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Why join PULSE?

  • Develop leadership skills and connect with your campus community
  • Access unique trainings on health, wellness, and social justice
  • Become more comfortable engaging with friends and other peers regarding wellness topics
  • Gain knowledge and experience that will help you expand your own wellness
  • Help create a fun, safe and healthy college atmosphere

What is PULSE?

PULSE is … a student-run, UHS-sponsored organization promoting health, wellness, and social justice across campus through peer interactions, informative programming within many different communities, and campus-wide collaborations. Our mission is to encourage students to make thoughtful choices that reduce harm and promote well-being.

What can PULSE do for you?

PULSE members can act as your personal resources. We are prepared with information regarding health, wellness and social justice as well as knowledge of campus resources which we may direct you to if you have further questions. PULSE also collaborates with other campus organizations such as CAPS and many others to provide programming that is open to all UM students. Look for PULSE members in your own residential community and around campus.

Interested in joining?

Becoming a PULSE representative requires completing an application and ongoing training throughout the school year. 

Applications for Fall 2019 are now open: 

APPLY to be a PULSE Representative!

Come to an informal Q & A session on September 13 from 1-3pm at the Espresso Royale on South University. This is your chance to ask questions, get to know the executive board, learn more about PULSE and share your interests around health, wellness and social justice!

Where to find PULSE:

PULSE is located at Wolverine Wellness Ground Floor, UHS.

PULSE Executive Board for 2019-20

 E-Board members serve as the bridge between UHS staff, Wolverine Wellness, and the student members. Many E-Board members (denoted with an asterisk) also serve as the chairs of their own respective committees, which PULSE members are invited to join to widen their impact.

  • Co-Presidents: Allie Boland & Hannah Ray
  • VP of Operations:  Nick Brdar
  • VP of Marketing and Public Relations*: Andrew Fleurant
  • VP of Halls Programming*: Jake Garabedian
  • VPs of Greek Programming*: Joe Connolly & Mark Castaneda
  • VP of Outreach and Collaborations*: Emily Guo

PULSE administrative staff and student-staff 

As a sponsored student org, we have the privilege to work with two advisors who provide guidance along our journey to increasing the conversation around the intersection of well-being and identity.

  • Staff Advisor: Christina Gerazounis
  • Graduate Student Advisor: Taylor Whittington

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