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What is PULSE?

PULSE is …  student-run organization with the purpose to promote the intersection between wellbeing and identity across campus through peer interactions, informative programming, and campus-wide collaborations. The mission of PULSE is to encourage students to make healthy choices that reduce harm and promote wellbeing.

What can PULSE do for you?

PULSE members can act as your personal resources. We are prepared with information regarding health, wellness, and social justice topics as well as knowledge of campus resources, which we may direct you to if you have further questions. PULSE also collaborates with other campus organizations to provide programming that is open to all UM students. Look for PULSE members in your own residential community and around campus.

PULSE Executive Board for 2020-2021

Executive Board members serve as the primary liaison between PULSE and the greater campus community. Executive Board members work to connect students with resources and facilitate relevant training sessions to better prepare them to advocate for the mission of PULSE.

Co-Presidents: Mark Castañeda & Joe Connolly

Treasurer: Andrew Fleurant

Secretary: Kelly Bickel

Outreach & Events Chair: Evelyn Richardson

Project Leads: Christopher Baumgartner, Parker Cole, Meghna Singh

PULSE Advisor: Christina Gerazounis

Contact us: 

We are always looking to engage with the campus community! Contact us if you are interested in becoming a PULSE member or even just need assistance in finding campus resources that work for you. If your organization aligns with PULSE’s mission, and you would like to connect and collaborate, send us a message!

You can reach us at our email:

Visit us at our new website at!