Nutrition - Sound Bites: Info You Can Use

Do you have questions about what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, or why you eat? Check out our new offering--Sound Bites--quick, deep dives into some of the most common food issues and ideas.

Eating nutritious food supports every part of your life, from sleep to school to work. Here's information that can help you eat well, so you can be at your best. 

"On-The-Go Snack Tips" video for busy students!

Make food the easy way

ChooseMyPlate - Portion control, macro- and micro-nutrient analysis and budget-friendly recipies

BudgetByte$ - Quick and easy recipies, time-saving meal prep - Student-friendly recipies in 5-10 minutes, microwave prep

Fun "how-to" guide from UHS: Plan - Shop - Cook - Eat:
Becoming Confident in Your Own Kitchen

See PDF or Text version

Plan, shop, cook, eat: Becoming confident in your own kitchen

Facing food insecurity?

More from University Health Service:

Where to find food on campus

U-M Dining offers lots of food options.

What about vitamins and minerals?

Here are reliable sources of info:

Is that safe to eat?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides info on Food Safety 

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