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Your Health Care Kit

It's 2 AM and you're feeling feverish -- got a thermometer?  We recommend that you have a health care kit so you can be ready. Here are suggestions. 


Communication is a key aspect of all relationships. Open, honest, and direct communication can make relationships (whether short-term or long-term) healthier and more fun. If you can communicate openly and respectfully, you’ll be more likely to articulate what you want, and to understand what someone else wants.

Making Decisions about Dating and Sex

Young adults are often faced with a lot of big decisions. Sometimes, these might involve whether you want to date, whom you want to date, or whether or not you want to have sex. Some of these choices can cause some anxiety. But when you make choices based on your values and when you've considered what you do and don't want, it's more likely that you'll feel good about your decisions.


Weight Stigma

—Weight bias refers to:
  • Attitudes that negatively affect our interpersonal interactions
  • Stereotypes ascribed to overweight and larger bodied individuals that increases their vulnerability, unfair treatment, prejudice, and discrimination

—Stigmatizing attitudes toward obese individuals usually emerge when people believe that excess weight is controllable and is a problem of lack of personal responsibility (Brownell et al., 2009)

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships include acting in accordance with your values, knowing and respecting boundaries (both yours and your partners’), and consent.

Healthy romantic and sexual relationships can take many different forms. Some people prefer to date one person, while others prefer to date several people, or none at all. Some relationships include more than two people. Romantic relationships may or may not include sexual activity. Any of these relationship styles can be healthy, as long as all involved feel like their needs and wants are being respected.

Sexual Health

Sexuality is a broad concept - it includes desires, values, identities, behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs. How we take care of ourselves with regard to sexuality is our sexual health. 

The World Health Organization defines sexual health as:

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Wellness Coaching: Optimizing wellness for student success

Are you considering changes to optimize your personal health and wellness, or looking to shift aspects of your life? Or maybe you're feeling stuck and would like to work through barriers to achievement and wellbeing? Wellness coaching could be a good fit for you! This is a FREE 1:1 service for undergraduate and graduate students. 

Model of Personal Well-Being