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I am a Wolverine and...

Whatever it is that makes you vulnerable, imperfect, or insecure, you are not alone. Whatever it is that makes you strong, powerful, or inspiring, you are not alone. It’s all part of (y)our story.

Tips for Low Temps

Cold snap! Severe cold weather, especially combined with wind, can be hazardous. Learn how to protect yourself.

Bicycles in the snow

Stay in the Blue App Privacy

Stay in the Blue Mobile Application

Privacy Policy, June 2018


This privacy policy governs your use of the Stay in the Blue software application (“Application”) on a mobile device that was created by The University of Michigan. The Application includes, for example, a blood alcohol content estimator, links to local cabs, links to local laws and alcohol harm-reduction messages.

What information does the Application obtain and how is it used?

2010 Biennial Review Summary

All institutions of higher education are required by federal law to conduct a biennial review of campus alcohol and other drug programs and policies.

The 2010 Biennial Review Committee was comprised of faculty, staff and students who met from June-August 2010 to conduct the federally required biennial review.