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Happy Halloween, Stay in the Blue, Expect Respect

What are you doing this Halloween?

  • For events, see the flyer (link below - PDF) or the U-M Events Calendar!
  • Living in the Halls?  Check out your community website for events taking place in your area!

Download Halloween Flyer (PDF)

 And check out these tips for staying safe while having fun:

Here's how to minimize risks and maximize fun (adapted from the Student Legal Services Party Manual):

  • Choose a costume that does not disrespect others by promoting racial, cultural, gender or other stereotypes. Expect Respect.
  • Be considerate of neighbors. Talk to them before  your event and agree on how to communicate if issues come up.
  • Control the noise level. It's unlawful to create, permit or continue to permit any noise that disturbs the health, peace or safety of others.
  • Manage the size of your party. Guests should not block sidewalks or streets.
  • Download the Stay in the Blue app! Monitor how much you are drinking.  
  • It's illegal to have an open container of alcohol on public property (streets, sidewalks), even if you are 21.
  • Be polite to thoses trying to help.
  • Leave drinks behind when you leave a party. Use a trash can for litter, not the ground.
  • Use a bathroom, not bushes.
  • Make sure those under 21 are not drinking.
  • Don't allow drunk people to drive.

Beware of the consequences!  These violations involve a wide range of criminal penalties, depending on the severity of the infraction, including:

  • Drivers license restrictions, suspensions, or revocation
  • Fines and court costs
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Criminal conviction
  • Imprisonment

Did you know? The State of Michigan has a Medical Amnesty Law.

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