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Things to consider this Halloween

Plan ahead with these “tricks” and tips to make sure you have aBOOtiful season. 

Explore ways to connect!

See the U-M Events Calendar for a variety of Halloween-related events and activities! Some of the many offerings include:

Live in U-M Housing?  Check out one of the many Halloween themed events that your Residence Hall has to offer. Residents can reference their community newsletters, Sessions, digital displays and flyers in their building, hall council representatives, and RAs for more information!

And, remember to check in with your group on how they want to connect.  Creating options so everyone feels included is key.  ​Check out these spooktacular ideas that U-M students have shared. They can also be done virtually: 

  • Tell spooky stories
  • Carve pumpkins
  • DIY Halloween crafts
    • Challenge yourself to make a costume with what you have on hand and then host a contest among your friend group
    • Make festive treats and share them by text/video
    • Show off your face painting creations
  • Start a dance party with Halloween themed music
  • Coordinate a trick-or-treat outside your door
  • Start a Halloween watch party

Have a dining plan?

Choose your hall and check out the special Halloween inspired treats at lunch and dinner on 10/31/21!

What You Can do to Create Inclusive Spaces

mask up, stay safe, stay well

  • Review this Social Gathering Guide for the best experience.  As we engage in old and new U-M traditions with COVID precautions in place, people may have a range of reactions.
  • Be considerate of our entire community.  Face coverings are strongly adviced off-campus and indoors in high density areas, and required on U-M property. Make it a part of your costume to add to the Halloween spirit.
  • Consider these questions before finalizing your costume choice. Expect. Respect.
  • If alcohol is part of your plan to celebrate consider the following:
    • Review the Stay in the Blue strategies for in-person or virtual activities (reminder: your blood alcohol content or BAC continues to rise even while you’re on screen)
    • Create an inclusive atmosphere. Many of our friends and family choose not to drink for a variety of reasons (under 21, religious, cultural beliefs, illness, family history, in recovery, etc.) Have non-alcoholic beverages available for in-person events or consider having an alcohol-free virtual get-together so those in recovery will feel included. 
    • Download the Stay in the Blue app! Monitor how much you are drinking.
    • It's illegal to have an open container of alcohol on public property (streets, sidewalks), even if you are 21.
    • Be polite to those trying to help.

Planning on watching or attending the U-M vs. MSU home football game (10/30)?  Between showing your Michigan spirit and Halloween festivities, it's a long day.  Set boundaries and plan ahead.  If you plan to travel to East Lansing, consider the COVID-19 playbook for prevention, testing and care.

Did you know? The State of Michigan has a Medical Amnesty Law.