University Health Service

Calendar with doctors appointment reminder

Whenever possible, please call ahead to learn how to use UHS.

The main UHS phone number is 734-764-8320.


  • Complete a form to let us know about your conditions/needs
  • Meet with Registration, who will, in consultation with a nurse, determine next steps:
    •  Some conditions/needs can be handled fairly quickly
    •  Otherwise you may be scheduled for a future appointment

Non-Urgent Health Concerns 

For NON-URGENT Health Concerns

See examples.


  1. Call for Nurse Advice: When UHS is open, call 734-764-8320 and press option 2. See also Nurse Advice by Phone
  2. Send a message via the Patient Portal to your health care provider, for established patients with a portal account. Go to Patient Portal.  
  3. Schedule an appointment: In-person and telehealth (phone and video) appointments are available. Appointments are required for most medical services at UHS. (Exceptions: Appointments are not needed for Pharmacy, Laboratory and Optical Shop. Rapid HIV Testing requires an appointment that is scheduled differently.)

     There are four ways to schedule an appointment:

  1. BEST OPTION:  Call 734-764-8320 and press option 2
  2. Go to the main lobby, 1st floor of UHS
  3. Use the Patient Portal (you need an account) to:
    • Request an appointment or
    • Self-schedule with an established provider (a provider you have seen before in the same clinic, e.g. Primary Care Clinic or Gynecology and Sexual Health Clinic)
  4. Send an email to and a scheduler will call you to schedule. Please make sure your phone voicemail is set up and not full, so you can receive messages if you miss the call.

Urgent Health Concerns 

For URGENT health concerns

See examples.


  • Get Nurse Advice, day or night
  • Learn best options for health care

If you anticipate having trouble getting to UHS:

  • Please call UHS at 734-764-8320 and tell a staff member
  • Students who live in University Housing can also request a ride to/from UHS from Housing Security by calling 734-763-1131

Visit SATURDAYS SEPTEMBER - APRIL, 9 AM - noon for one urgent concern of less than 2 weeks duration per patient (first-come, first-served). Please arrive at least an hour before closing time (by 11 AM), so we can best provide you health care.

Medical Emergency 


See examples.

CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM. All fees would be your responsibility. A list of local emergency rooms and urgent care facilities is available at Emergency/After-Hours

Not sure what to do, or want advice?

Nurse Advice by Phone is available day and night, and you can talk with a nurse for advice about self-care or deciding where to go.

Need to cancel an appointment?

Call 734-763-3557 or email (be prepared to provide the date and time of appointment you want to cancel, along with the name of the health care provider).

For more information: