Apps for Emotional and Mental Well-being

These apps can help you weather the ups and downs of feelings and thoughts, and help you stress less. 

You can learn about these apps by following the links below, and you can download them at:

U-M sponsored:

Stressbusters offers daily messages, videos, and calming audio tracks, sponsored by U-M Counseling and Psychological Services. - Central Student Government is offering 1000 free year-long subscriptions to Calm for 1000 U-M students. Soothing soundtracks and guided meditations.

Other apps:

Momentum - Daily inspiration, to-do lists, quotes, pictures for your new browser tab page

Simply Being - Guided meditation and soothing music or nature sounds

Headspace - Guided meditations for mindfulness, acceptance, stress, and more

Happify - Evidence-based exercises and a tracker for emotional well-being

The hEARt Line: Text 734-292-8006 for anonymous, empathetic peer support.

Mood Kit - Activities to improve and track moods plus a tool to help you check your thoughts

Pacifica - Tools for stress, anxiety, and depression and a supportive online community

Panic Relief Free - Guidance through fear, anxiety, and panic attacks

Insight Timer - Guided meditations and a supportive online community

SAM - Learn to understand and manage anxiety, anonymous participation in an online community

Crisis Text Line: Text HELLO to 741741 to connect with a trained Crisis Counselor, for any crisis big or small.  

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